Collection: Crystals for Wealth

Crystals for wealth to bring prosperity & manifestations by healing various areas of your life. Choose the crystal that draws you the most. Please meditate with dedication to familiarise yourself with these frequencies that resonate with abundance. You can read the bottom of this page to learn more on the curation of these "Wealth Crystals". 

Read the full product description for energetic properties beyond the title.

Crystals for Wealth

Crystals for Wealth

These crystals were selected by their frequencies to manifest wealth and your desires.

Manifesting wealth is a more complex issue as most of us have been raised thinking wealth is difficult to obtain. We have been taught early on that we have to be super talented, or work extremely hard to gain wealth and abundance. Most of us were reprimanded for asking for what we want as a child, so on a subconscious level, we are afraid to ask for abundance, let alone receive it.

This is why the curated selection is a bunch of different crystals. Some are for those who don't know how to receive. Some are for those who lack confidence, or passion & joy in life, as these correspond to frequencies of wealth & prosperity. Some crystals are for those who are unstable to focus or perservere on a goal.

Abundance cannot flow into your life if you don't feel deserving. For self-worth, explore Crystals for Love. For instilling self-esteem and confidence (to receive the wealth you deserve) please explore Crystals for Strength & Confidence.

You can learn more about how to use crystals for manifestation with lessons 1 and 2. 

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