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Uvarovite Garnet

Uvarovite Garnet

These Uvarovite crystals, distinguished by their captivating sparkle, stand out as one of the rarest members within the garnet family.

Large crystals of Uvarovite are exceptionally scarce and command high prices in the market. Typically, they are discovered in the form of dazzling druzy specimens.

Take a moment to appreciate these gifts from Mother Earth in the video, as the sun's rays reveal their true beauty!

Uvarovite Meaning & Energy: Abundance, Receiving, Detachment, Present in the NOW

These Uvarovite Garnets induced a remarkable energetic shift, reminiscent of entering a new portal—a sensation of stepping through an opened gate and immersing oneself in radiant white light.

The experience involves absorbing energy throughout the frontal body, particularly stimulating the sacral, heart, and third eye chakras, fostering a harmonious energy flow.

These exquisite Uvarovite encourage detachment from desires, instilling a profound sense of trust that all needs will be met. They also promote a heightened awareness of the present moment. Both are crucial aspects for mastering the art of manifestation. The prosperity and abundance associated with these Uvarovite may be attributed to these energies they emanate.

Uvarovite #1 and #2 share similar energetic strengths, facilitating the process of letting go and detachment. However, #3 stands out with an even more pronounced energy, coupled with a heightened sense of optimism and abundance. This is potentially attributed to the larger size of the Uvarovite crystals in #3.

With these Uvarovite, a recurring vision emerged—a green, feminine figure resembling a nature spirit or an earth goddess. This presence seemed to resonate strongly with the nurturing essence of mother nature, symbolizing the abundant provision for all.

Finally, the stimulation of the sacral chakra during meditation amplifies the creative life force. This serves as a potent catalyst for the inception of new beginnings and the realization of fresh ideas and projects.


#1 - 4cm x 3cm

#2 - 4cm x 1.9cm

#3 - 3cm x 2cm (but with much bigger Uvarovite crystals)

Locality: Ukraine

Price guide: These are priced by the overall size but also the size & quality of the Uvarovite crystals on the matrix. 

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