Collection: Crystals for Love

These crystals are for self-love, self-acceptance, and divine love. To attract soulmates or cultivate loving relationships in your life, you must learn to grasp theses frequencies. Meditate with these crystals to understand and attune to the profound frequencies of love to manifest it into your life! Read the full product description for energetic properties beyond the title.

Crystals for love

Crystals for Love

These "crystals for love" have been curated by their frequencies to immerse you in divine love, mostly self-love & acceptance. It is only when you can love yourself, you will find true love in relationships with others. Some of these crystals resonate with the love of Mother Gaia and Goddess Tara, who freely share their love to all who seek them. Their love also resonate with forgiveness & compassion and feel like a warm comforting hug, Other crystals resonate more with the heavens, almost an angelic vibe. These seem to instill a love of life, love of creation, and blissfulness. Choose the crystal that resonate with you most and meditate with them often to raise your vibration to a frequency of love.

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