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Online crystal shop in NZ for rare & high-energy crystals. Explore powerful stones for healing, manifestation & spiritual growth. *We supply NZ & worldwide!

All crystals are hand-picked for quality and curated by energy. Even better, they come to you already purified & activated ready to support your spiritual ascension.

Your crystals will emit their highest, authentic frequencies upon reaching you.

We use a combination of high-frequency Tingshas, Palo Santo, and Intensive Invocations not seen anywhere else. Through this process we infuse each crystal with divine energies of love, light, the life-force of Gaia and much much more!

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Healing Crystals NZ

Crystal Meditation NZ

Healing Crystals

Did you know each healing crystal is energetically unique? Thus we meticulously assess each crystal's energy through meditation. This is to empower you to find the perfect healing stone for your needs.

To gain the healing effects of crystals, attune to them in meditation; simply hold the crystal in your hands and breathe! The more you practise, the more effective it becomes. It takes an open mind and readiness to learn. 

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Authentic Crystals NZ

Crystal Meditation NZ

Crystals You Can Trust

Our online crystal shop in NZ is serious about correct identification of crystals & minerals.

As a scientist by trade (...things took a turn), I take a great deal of time researching what I provide using trustworthy sources.

You will not receive another mis-labelled, mis-marketed stone. Though we are heavily into crystal healing, the esoteric, and all things spiritual, we ensure the crystals we sell are legitimate!

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Blue Green Flower Agate Crystal Palmstones

Shop Crystals by Intention

We also curate crystal by their healing energies and intention.

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Crystal Blogs

I write blogs on crystal facts, healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. I update these with any new insights I gain. These are a collation of my personal learnings, thoughts, experiences and summation of various crystal resources I've read. Please come and take a look to make your crystal journey easier!

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Crystal Meditation NZ

Your Go-To Crystal Shop Auckland, NZ

We operate Crystal Meditation from Auckland and only sell our crystals online. NZ-wide shipping and shipping to Australia, Canada, US, Thailand, and Hong Kong are available via DHL. Other internationals can also purchase - just flick me a message. If you have any questions about our crystals & minerals, do not hesitate to get in touch below. We will reply as soon as possible.

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