Collection: Rose Quartz

Formed deep within the Earth's embrace, Rose Quartz offers a gentle and nurturing energy that resonates with love and receipt from the divine source of creation. 

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

Beauty of Rose Quartz

Scientists found out that the pretty pink color of Rose Quartz comes from extremely thin, pink mineral fiber inclusions. These fibers are kind of like the mineral dumortierite, but not exactly the same. When the rose quartz was forming, these fibers cooled and lined up in the same way as the crystal directions of the rose quartz, and depending on how these fibers line up, you can get something called Star Rose Quartz, where you see a star pattern when you shine light on it.

Blue Rose Quartz also attributes its colour and chatoyancy due to thin dumortierite-like fibre inclusions. 

Now, besides the regular cloudy rose quartz, there's another kind that form crystalised clusters in pink hues. Some people call it "pink crystalline quartz" or just "pink quartz." or incorrectly as "crystallised rose quartz". It's super rare compared to the usual rose quartz and can form into beautiful clusters of see-through crystals. This type of pink quartz gets its color from aluminum and phosphorus and are not the same as Rose Quartz. 

But here's the catch – these pink quartz crystals can lose their color if they're exposed to too much sunlight. So, it's best to keep them in shaded areas to keep them looking their best.

I've grouped Pink Quartz with Rose Quartz since they are commonly categorized together by most people.