Collection: Healing Crystal Jewellery (All)

Our healing crystal jewellery are a fantastic way to attune to positive energies throughout the day. Explore our healing crystal pendants, earrings, and rings! Ship NZ wide, Australia, Canada, US, & Hong Kong (other internationals welcome!) 

Healing Crystal Jewellery

Healing Crystal Jewellery

Choose your crystal jewellery for healing. Many crystals work well when worn close to your skin, such as jewellery. Crystals can be used for every intention, to align chakras, and promote your overall well-being.

I personally find crystal pendants worn over your higher heart chakra effective for energy attunement throughout the day. As you become more sensitive to higher energies, you will feel their effects when worn as rings, bracelets and earrings.

Each piece of crystal jewellery carries its own unique energies. I personally invest time and energy into uncovering the energetic properties of each of the pieces I sell. No two are exactly the same, so be sure to read the description of each item carefully. Learn about each one-of-a-kind crystal that is as unique as the earth it came from. 

Our crystal jewellery are high quality, purified, and infused with the love of Gaia. This is done to activate the healing crystals and serve your highest good.

Browse our healing crystals and unlock a world of transformation and positive vibrations that can carry you through your day.