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Our crystal shop in NZ stands out. Through profound meditation, we evaluate crystal energies of every crystal to assist your selection. Many people are unaware that energy of each crystal is unique and may differ from descriptions found online or in books.
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Welcome to our unique crystal shop based in New Zealand. You may find that there is something odd about this crystal store that talks about energies, dragons, Mother Gaia, and crystalline beings. I set up this beautiful shop as a source of expression of my spirituality that I kept hidden so for long, and my belief in crystals as master teachers of frequency. It is now my mission to spread the use of crystals in meditation for our collective healing. International shipping to Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and Thailand are available, and other countries are upon request.

Your Trusted Crystal Shop

Though I am heavily into the esoteric side of crystals, I am a strong advocate for selling crystals with accurate identification. Plagerism is rife in this industry, but I do all the critical research for you, so you can purchase our beautiful crystals with a peace of mind.