Collection: Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls are surrounded by ancient mystery and magick. Carved to perfection, these skulls amplify the raw energy of crystals, allowing you to clarify, align, and center yourself, reflecting your highest self. Elevate your spiritual journey through crystal skulls, harnessing their power for astral projections, channeling, and more.
Crystal Skulls

Crystal Skulls

Crystal skulls endowed with the enigmatic energies of 12 crystal skulls, each originally imbued with mystical energies of authentic ancient skulls safeguarded by MD & G Dunner at

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Welcome to our unique crystal shop based in New Zealand. I have started this store because I believe crystals are master teachers of higher frequencies. I hope our crystals become a great service to you. International shipping to Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand are available and other countries upon request.