Collection: Healing Crystal Pendants

Crystal necklaces sit near the higher heart chakra and are a wonderful tool to positively align your energy. Meditate with these crystal pendants first then wear them to gain their positive influence through the course of your day. Empower your spirit with their radiant healing energy.
Healing Crystal Pendants

Healing Crystal Pendants

Energy-rich crystal pendants to take on the day and make a statement. Wear these healing pendants for your spiritual, balancing and healing requirements. They are striking to look at but also serve a very important role in centring your being, soul cleansing and instilling their unique properties into your energy flow. Carry the wisdom and energy of these handcrafted gemstones close to your heart, and allow their profound effects to empower your journey of personal growth and self-awareness. 

Seek inner peace every day.

The world is busy, so it’s important to have all of the support around you to take on the many challenges you may face in a day. Some days you may need emotional rebalancing, other days, you may want protective energies to help repel negative situations. Crystal pendants are portable energy supports that go everywhere with you, providing essential energy while serving as an elegant fusion of style and spirituality.

Browse our range of beautiful, individually assessed and chosen crystal pendants to find your perfect match. Every pendant comes to you purified and highly activated, ready to connect and serve your spiritual requirements.