Our Unique Crystal Store

Welcome to our crystal store, dedicated to those committed to mastering the use of crystals for spiritual growth, manifestation, and alignment with their true purpose.

Our unique crystals are purified and activated with Mother Gaia's life force and angelic frequencies, accessed through deep prayer and meditation. This process ensures your crystals arrive "alive" at their highest vibrations for your spiritual practices.

This is mostly done through my Dragon guides, which I've connected with through meditation. They play a crucial role in reintroducing the crystalline life force to enhance the crystal's energy and its ability to sustain crystalline-beings. I wrote a bit about how I accessed my dragon guides here

The Invocation

All crystals sold here go through an intensive prayer / invocation which involve my dragon guides and my angelic guides. This process is quite long as I infuse several and specific energies into the crystals. 

Dragon Guides

  • I ask for the purification & activation of the crystal to its highest and optimal state through the love of Mother Gaia.
  • We re-introduce the crystalline life-force of Mother Gaia back into the crystal
  • We then invite pure positive crystalline beings to reside and multiply within the crystal
  • I also ask for the crystal to be a restorer and strengthener of the crystalline grid of Mother Gaia wherever it goes, to help heal all beings that reside within her, and stablise higher frequencies on Earth. 
  • I also ask for the Divine Feminine Consciousness / Divine Feminine Wisdom of Sophia to emanate from the crystals
  • I ask for the protection of the crystal so that it always vibrates at its purest and most positive frequencies and its eternal connection to the love of Gaia. 
  • These aspects of the invocations are recent:
    • I ask for the Celestial Rose Dragons to bring and weave your existence in all dimensions and timelines with the frequencies of love and bring forth your highest timeline to your reality. Also these Celestial Rose Dragons are asked, through these crystals which act as physical anchors of their energy, to spread far and wide frequencies of love, gentleness, ease, and grace, to transmute darkness with love and light. 
    • I ask my dragon guides in conjunction with the elementals to crystalise the cleansing essences of sage and palo santo into your crystal and for these energies to spread to your chosen environment.

Angelic Guides

  • I ask for the purification and activiation of the crystal to its highest and most optimal frequency for healing through the love & light of the divine heavenly father, the divine masculine.
  • I ask for the protection of the crystal's energies so that it always vibrates at its highest frequency. 
  • This is a new aspect of the invocation: I ask for the essence of the pure white flame to crystalise and be held within the crystal to transmute negativity into light & wisdom wherever it is placed. This white flame also has golden, blue, and purple edges and I believe it also carries essences of Archangel Michael and the energies of the violet flame of transmutation. 

All my guides

  • I ask all my guides of love and light to transfer the frequencies of Golden Lemurian Consciousness, which is the frequency of unity and truth, into the crystal using a Lemurian quartz. 
  • I ask all my guides to allow these crystals to act as powerful permission slips, a physical anchor, to help you awaken and transcend spiritually. I ask that you realise the truth, that you are powerful embodiment of source consciousness, and that you possess every power to manifest your true desires into this physical reality. 

I would like to emphasize that it is not just me who is able to do this, but all of us are absolutely capable of accessing this energy through any crystal we own. It has taken me time and dedication with my meditation practice with crystals to align my chakras and grow spiritually to get to this point. I still have so much more to learn.

More About Our Crystal Shop

I am so glad you have discovered our unique crystal shop in little ole New Zealand. My heart and soul has gone into establishing this store in hopes that crystals transform your lives as they did for me. It is now my mission and purpose to spread the use of crystals in meditation as tools for our collective healing and spiritual advancement.

If you're looking for an inexpensive impulse-buy or expecting a specific crystal to automatically bring about change, this might not be the right crystal shop for you.

Crystals are tools, not magic fixes. Effective use involves attuning through meditation and establishing a connection. All our crystals undergo a deep activation process as explained above, making it easier for you to form this connection. You can learn more about crystal healing here.

Through our activated crystals, we aim to empower you, helping you tap into your true, divine strength often forgotten in our disempowered state. Despite sounding unconventional, my Dragon guides guide me through this unique journey.

Our crystals, activated with the love of Gaia, play a crucial role in restoring the planet's crystalline grids, elevating and stabilizing Earth to a higher frequency. To achieve this, we rely on your consistent meditation with these crystals, as it is essential for both establishing and maintaining these grids. I wrote more about this topic here. 

Choosing the right crystal energy is important. At our crystal shop, we meticulously describe the true energies of each crystal, reached through deep meditation, to help you decide the crystal that best fit your needs. 

Additionally, backed by research, we offer genuine crystals & minerals to combat market misinformation.

In conclusion, our crystals, purified and activated through profound intention, prayer, and meditation, resonate at their highest potential. My hope is that these crystals create a lasting positive impact on your life's journey, helping you transform and realize your true potential.

You can learn more about me on our About Us page.

Crystal Meditation

22 Feb 2024