Collection: Crystals for Strength & Confidence

Crystals for inner strength & confidence are useful to develop boundary setting, assertiveness, resilience, and persistence. If you are shy, too afraid to say "no", or if you need stamina to continue towards your goals, meditate with these crystals often. Realise your true power, strength, and confidence. 

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Crystals for Strength & Confidence

Crystals for Strength & Confidence

Explore our curated selection of crystals to give you inner strength, power, and confidence.

Where does confidence come from? It comes from self-belief, the strength of knowing that you can overcome any challenges, being comfortable in your body, and your trust in the universe. It is derived from our lower chakras, our connection to our bodies and Mother Earth.

Confidence & emotional strength allows us to assert ourselves, our true divine selves out into the universe. Even among chaos, we feel empowered and stable from the power that comes from our inner core. We can stay firm and committed to our path. We are then gifted with resilience, the persistence to keep going even though you have no idea what the outcome might be.

I have curated these crystals that emit the above frequencies. Please choose the one the resonate with you the most. Become a more powerful you!

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