About Us

Who am I?

My passion for crystals started with meditation. I always had trouble meditating; I never quite knew if I was doing it properly, and my mind could never calm down. One day a thought came by to hold a selenite crystal ball I happened to have while meditating. Prior to this, I didn’t believe or know that crystals could affect your energy points (chakras); I thought they were just rocks that were pretty to look at! However, I was certainly proven wrong! I felt my head and whole body tingle as if butterfly wings were fluttering all over me! 

So, I started buying a range of crystals and started experimenting with how they made me feel when I held them during meditation.

From this experience I learnt that individual crystals, regardless of their type, displayed their own unique frequencies and energy. This greatly intrigued me and I delved deeper and deeper into attuning to crystal energies.

2 years later, here I am. I have become even more sensitive to higher energies and now am exploring this new found capability (and joining the people who I once thought were crazy!)

What do we do?

Crystal Meditation specialises in high vibrational, rare, and difficult-to-source crystals to be used as tools for meditation and spiritual growth.

My Mission & Values

My aim is to educate and bring these wonderful crystal tools to those in New Zealand (and world wide) who struggle to meditate and wish to develop spiritually but are unsure how.


  • Real Crystal Energies

    I don’t just copy what others have written about the crystal’s energetic properties.

    Through continuous meditation and attunement with crystals, I have become sensitive to crystal energies (though I still have much to learn), and I learnt that individual crystals of the same type can have different energies. Thus I personally assess the energies of every crystal I sell so you can pick the right crystal for your healing/spiritual requirement.  This process requires time and effort, and I haven’t really seen any other crystal dealers do this in New Zealand.

  • Carefully Curated

    All my crystals are handpicked individually, which is also a long process but the only way I would sell. It might be more expensive, but it is extremely difficult to source unique material, good-quality material at a low price, especially since the cost of minerals have skyrocketed after COVID.

  • Correct Identification

    I put in a lot of research and effort to correctly identify my crystals. For the rare minerals, I spent a very long time finding wholesalers who know exactly what they are selling. I do extensive research for you so that you can be assured you are buying the right crystal. The crystal industry can be quite misinformed, and everyone plagiarises what everyone else has written about the crystal. I put in the time and effort to find out exactly what I am selling.

  • Crystal Skulls

    As for my Crystal Skulls, the skulls I sell are imbued with the energies of 12 crystal skulls which in themselves had been directly imbued with the truly ancient skulls such as Sha Na Ra, Rainbow, and ET, and the old (not ancient) Tibetan skull Amar, to catapult your spiritual growth and healing.

  • That Extra Touch

    Additionally, all my crystals are cleansed with Palo Santo and high-frequency sound (2300hz) generated by a Tibetan tingsha (a type of cymbal) which is very effective.

    I truly believe crystals are an amazing tool for meditation and your spiritual ascension. However, you need to work WITH them consistently; it is an energetic exchange between you and the crystal, and the more you work and attune with them, the better they serve you.


Our online store is the perfect place to browse to discover legitimate crystals for your intended purpose, so check out what crystals we currently have available, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us.

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