How to Manifest with Crystals - Pt 2

In the introduction, I emphasized the significance of cultivating positive emotions essential for manifestation through crystal meditation. By attuning yourself to these frequencies, you gain the ability to draw them out effortlessly, elevating your vibrations consistently throughout the day.

One of the significant hurdles to manifesting our deepest desires is our reluctance to fully immerse ourselves in the joy and excitement of what we wish to create. Often, doubt and fear hinder us from embracing and visualizing our true desires.

Take, for instance, the desire to leave a secure 9-5 job to pursue a passion-driven business. Doubts about sustainability, profitability, and the fear of potential failure can be overwhelming. It's normal to experience such doubt, but what's crucial is allowing ourselves to fully feel the results of our desires DESPITE this doubt. 

Such doubt is normal. Let doubt be doubt. Don't try to rid of doubt. 

Even amid fear and doubt, it's essential to permit ourselves to experience the joy and excitement of our manifestations. Whether it's the fear of business failure or a similar apprehension, we still must allow ourselves to clarify our visions and indulge in the positive frequencies cultivated through crystal work.

For instance, I'm currently grappling with the fear that my newly opened crystal shop will fail as it does not follow the conventional path of successful stores. Despite deviating from the norm by avoiding cheap bulk materials in favor of unique crystals, sounding super crazy, and having no idea how to market on Instagram, I choose to revel in my dreams. While there are no immediate signs of success, I've stopped fretting, allowing myself to fully love the visions I hold. Drawing upon frequencies learned from crystals, such as unconditional love, grounding, stability, joy, and excitement, I remain steadfast. I ignore the doubt and let doubt be doubt. Despite knowing the failures these fears and doubt show me, I do all that I can to improve and allow myself to INDULGE in the sweet sweet frequencies of freedom, stability, abundance, and love.

I truly feel we all deserve to indulge in such positive frequencies despite any of our circumstances. 

In slight deviation, the stability derived from grounding stones is vital for anchoring our manifestations in the physical realm. So don't ignore our beautiful grounding crystals!

In future blog articles, I'll delve deeper into removing energetic blocks, providing more insights into this manifestation journey that we're collectively undertaking to build the lives we dream of and deserve. But you can read a little about removing blocks in this article

I like to conclude this blog by saying, don't fear the fear. Let doubt be doubt. Give yourself a break and ALLOW yourself to indulge in the positive frequencies of your desired manifestations. ALLOW yourself to fully envision and ALLOW yourself to deeply feel the beautiful life you fully deserve to live. 


Crystal Meditation 

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