Collection: Quartz

Quartz crystals have a special energy. Quartz had been used extensively during times of Atlantis and present. We have a unique variety of these crystals that you may not find in other stores. Please come and explore, you never know what you may find!


Beautiful Quartz

Quartz are wonderful crystals for healing and spiritual development due to their tetrahedral crystalline structure. It is this structure seen in quartz, that supposedly reflect the original consciousness that formed our physical reality. I don't fully grasp what this means other than as a vague concept, but this does help us to envision what consciousness might "look like".

Quartz crystals are also thought to be great at holding energy. Thus I infuse all our crystals to hold the love of Gaia and Divine Source so these energies may radiate to you & your surroundings upon arrival.

Please explore our diverse selection of quartz crystals that you may not find anywhere else!

Crystal Shop For the Collective

I welcome you to our unsual crystal store I started down here in NZ. My purpose is to introduce crystals as amazing tools for healing ourselves but our Earth's crystalline grid. It is my sincere wish to spread these crystals around the globe and international shipping to Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand are available, and other countries upon request.