Collection: Crystals for Health & Well-being

Open your mind to our crystals for health & well-being. Strengthen your aura and replenish your energetic and physical bodies by attuning to these crystals to help your body heal. Always listen to the advice of your doctors and health professionals. Use these crystals as a supportive tool.  Read the full product description for energetic properties beyond the title.

Crystals for Health

Crystals for Health & Well-Being

These crystals have been curated by their frequencies to enhance your health and well-being. These crystals have rejuvenating qualities to re-energize the physical body. Some crystals may help gut related issues by healing your lower chakras. Some help the overall flow of chi (prana, life-force) around your body. Some crystals may remove blocks around your heart and promote healing. Take what resonates with you and choose the crystal you are most drawn to. Remember crystals are tools to complement your holistic healing. Please also listen to the advice of a professional medical practitioner.

Crystal Store Made from the Heart

Hello, I sincerely welcome you to our unique crystal store based in NZ. I started this store because I experienced first-hand the amazing power of crystals for my spiritual advancement and healing. International shipping to Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand are available and other countries upon request.