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Calcite Stalactite (Love)

Calcite Stalactite (Love)

Exceptional Calcite Stalactite crystal wand. An absolute beauty from the Wenshan mines, Yunnan Province, China. In perfect condition, the top has beautifully etched patterns and an elestial-like, cascading pattern.

This calcite has a wonderful high vibrational energy. This was ethically mined.

Crystal Meaning & Energy: Pure Love

This calcite crystal's energy is truly remarkable! It emanates a profound sense of pure love and acceptance directly from the Source Creator. Its energy carries a distinctly feminine, angelic vibration, evoking a profound sense of purity. In its presence, one experiences acceptance exactly as they are, enveloped in a cocoon of love. You feel so safe to be yourself!

This calcite proves to be particularly beneficial for individuals who may have lacked love in their family upbringing. It will also be good for those who habitually seek approval from others.

Size: approx. 14.5cm x 3cm, 108g

Locality: Wenshan zinc mine, Yunnan, China

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