Collection: Crystals for Meditation

Crystals that open and broaden your consciousness, facilitating a deeper understanding of divine consciousness. These crystals are perfect to advance your meditation practices. Read the full product description for energetic properties beyond the title.

Crystals for Meditation

Crystals for Meditation

Here are a curated selection of crystals for meditation that expand your consciousness beyond the confines of the physical body. These crystals are excellent to bolster your spiritual practice by reminding us that we are more than our physical bodies. If you would like crystals for a deeper meditative inner journeying, please check out our crystals for 'Soul's Purpose'.

Use these meditative crystals by holding them in your hand, focusing on them, and breathing comfortably. If it feels comfortable for you to breathe deeply and slowly, please do so. It is our focus and breathe that help to attune to crystal energies. Focus is our energy, and breath connects us to life, our source creator.

Crystals are beneficial in meditation as they give a concrete object for us to focus on. They also have a much more stable energy compared to our own or anything that surrounds us, which help us to "tune in" or "sink in" to their energies.

Our Gaia-Infused Crystal Store

Crystals have taught me the undividing love of Gaia and this is why I set up our unique little crystal shop so others can experience the same here in New Zealand. International shipping to Australia, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Thailand are available and other countries upon request.