How Does Crystal Healing & Energy Work?

In simple terms, my journey with crystals for spiritual growth and healing has revealed a fundamental principle: crystals operate by maintaining a constant vibrational frequency.

Unlike us, vulnerable to shifts in vibrations caused by emotions and changes in our environment, crystals steadfastly uphold their frequencies. By attuning oneself to a crystal's frequency—readily achievable through meditation, albeit with some practice—one undergoes a transformative shift to align with the crystal's energy.

This alignment becomes the catalyst for healing, whether it pertains to the spiritual, emotional, or physical aspects of our well-being.

How this alignment actually occurs, I am uncertain but it could be that our fluid energetic vibrations are easily influenced to match the stable and consistent vibrations of the crystal at hand. 

Crystal healing operates on the principle of electromagnetism, a fundamental force shaping our physical reality. Atoms, consisting of charged particles, generate electric and magnetic fields. These fields, collectively known as electromagnetism, form the basis of our material world. It is believed that electromagnetism is the template for all physical existence, the force that binds atoms into molecules and shapes our reality. Our consciousness, it is believed, exists first in electromagnetic vibrations, organized in a tetrahedral crystalline lattice pattern.

Crystals are solidified electromagnetic fields, closely representing the original, pure energy state of our consciousness. By attuning to crystal energies, via meditation, one aligns mind, body, and emotions with their highest self, facilitating healing. Crystals serve as reflections of our innate powers, acting as catalysts to remind us of forgotten abilities. They possess five key characteristics: reflectivity, refraction, transmission, storage, and the ability to act as keys to other dimensions. 

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I also have to introduce you to crystal skulls. Crystal skulls are thought to have originated from a master crystal skull created by Atlanteans using extraterrestrial technology. This master crystal skull was used to imbue 12 other duplicate skulls, which were then spread world-wide to imbue other crystal skulls. These skulls, acting as transceivers, facilitate the flow of higher-frequency energies into our realm. They serve as permission slips to access different layers of consciousness, providing keys to the mysteries of creation. Crystal skulls are highly reflective, revealing suppressed aspects of the self for alignment and growth. Through clarifying and centering, crystal skulls accelerate spiritual development, aiding in astral projections and connections to other dimensions. 

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In summary, crystal healing harnesses the electromagnetic template of existence, with crystals and crystal skulls serving as tools to align with higher frequencies, facilitating spiritual development and healing.

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