Crystal Skulls - What are their powers?

I didn't really know what crystal skulls were for until I came across a man name Darryl Anka who claimed to channel an extraterrestrial being called Bashar. 

Usually I am very skeptical of channels but for a man who has been doing this for 40 something years, his messages were so consistent and resonated truth, thus I had to delve more into this teachings.

Then one day I came across one of his talks on Crystal Skulls and their ancient history in our human spiritual development. After this I read more on crystal skulls by the author Jaap van Etten - this blog is the almagation of the lessons from the 2 teachers. 

Crystal Skull Orgin Story 

Bashar tells the story that originally there was one master crystal skull which was created by Atlantians with the help of extraterrestrial technology to store all knowledge of the universe. This master skull was then used to imbue another 12 crystal skulls (which are called duplicate master skulls) energetically so that the knowledge stored in the original master skull could be dispatched all around the world and enlighten other civilisations. Bringing 13 skulls together recreates the original “master vibrations” of the original meeting of the 13 skulls and is a very powerful state. That is why I imbue the crystal skulls I sell with 12 other crystals skulls which in themselves had been imbued directly with the duplicate master skulls (so called ancient skulls) which are sold by skull guardians M and G Dunner in Canada on

Crystal Skull Energies

These ancient duplicate skulls are the keys of opening the doors to mystery, exploring the unknown, tapping into the great mysteries of creation. They act as transceivers, translation objects, to bring higher frequency energies from other realms down to our realm. Bashar says that crystal skulls can be used as permission slips to access other layers of our own consciousness. I wasn’t sure what this meant but I think he means that because we believe in the powers (or the magick) of the crystals skulls, we allow ourselves to access different versions of ourselves present in alternate dimensions of reality. Bashar believes that we can do this without crystal skulls, but using them makes the process easier due to the properties of crystal skulls themselves and our belief in them.

The imbued duplicate crystal skull will take on some of the attributes of the master skull, but it will always retain its own uniqueness. The energy of the ancient master skull helps you align closer to the state of your higher self, so that you can accelerate and can proceed much more quickly in your spiritual development, going into the more esoteric realms of the great mystery of the cosmos.

Bashar also states that crystal skulls can gently and slowly imbue the area/environment it is placed in with its energy and form a web once again around the planet, forming connections and bonds between like minded individuals who choose to operate and learn to operate on those (crystal skull) frequencies. You can allow your crystal skull to be in proximity when sleeping, when relaxing, and when meditating. It has the ability to help facilitate and accelerate the idea of out-of -body experiences as well, and open you up to the idea of the channelling state. So I guess it has the charateristics of crystals, but more powerful.

Crystal skulls are highly, highly reflective. They were used to open up dimensional doorways for certain groups of cultures and people on our planet to go from one dimension to another and were left behind as “keys” to such gateways. But they are very reflective in the sense that if you were to look directly in the eyes of a crystal skull you may be shown things about yourself that you have suppressed that you need to work on. But if you cannot face these things, lower vibratory emotions such as anger and fear will surface and you won’t be able to reach the high vibrational frequency that you need to access these other dimensions. Once you have dealt with and resolved these challenges, your vibrations can rise.

The skull will show you very clearly and amplify and magnify what is out of alignment with you to show you what needs to be brought back into alignment. Let the skull show you how to realign your personality to be something more in alignment with your higher mind. For example, in my case, the crystal skull showed me in my dream that I was very frustrated with my husband at the unfair division of household chores. If I had analysed the dream literally it would have made absolutely no sense, but I highly feel that I was able to understand the symbology of this dream by having attuned to the energy of the crystal skulls via meditation. Thus I was able to process my feelings and discuss this with my husband, improving our relationship further, raising my frequency.

Basically, Bashar states that crystal skulls are used for clarifying, aligning, centering yourself to reflect your highest self, and when that part of the experience is complete, you can accelerate forward using it for other reasons like astral projections and connecting to other kinds of consciousness in the cosmos, other dimensions, and star civilisations.


Teachings from Jaap

According to Jaap van Etten, crystal skulls amplify the energy of the crystal it was carved from. He writes that it is when the eye sockets are carved, this shift in energy occurs. Jaap talks about how crystals and crystal skulls have layers of polyhedral fields (or energy fields, which I think is the crystalline electromagnetic field Bashar talks about, but I am unsure), and that crystal skulls possess more layers of this polyhedral field than the crystal it is carved from. He also writes about how it doesn’t matter whether you have an ancient skull or a newly carved crystal skull, it is the shape of the crystal skull which connects them to the crystal skull energy field in which all crystal skulls are connected, and one needs to work with the skull to activate it for it to reach its full potential.

However, I personally don’t think Jaap fully explains how one is to actually achieve activation of crystal skulls (or crystals for that matter). From intuition and my experience working with various crystals and crystal skulls, you can activate your crystal skull simply by meditating with them, breathing in and out as you hold them and focus on them (like how I explain in “How to feel crystal energies”), thus forming an energetic exchange and connection with them. As you and the crystal skull attune to each other with positive frequencies/energies, you activate the potential within the crystal skull to help you ascend further spiritually like mentioned by Bashar.

All the crystal skulls presented in my crystal shop are infused with 12 other crystal skulls in which themselves had been infused with the truly ancient crystal skulls such as Sha Na Ra, Rainbow, ET, and the old (not ancient) Tibetan crystal skull Amar, which I had shipped all the way from Canada by ancient crystal skull guardians, Grace and Maurice Dunner. I have done this so that you too can experience their energies! 

I hope this helped you to understand to some degree how crystals and crystal skulls can help you in your spiritual development and healing.



Darryl Anka - The Council of 13 and The Crystal Skulls. (April 20, 2019) If you want to know more about crystal skulls according to Bashar, you can buy his audio recording on

Jaap van Etten - Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon. Book (2007)

Jaap van Etten - Crystal Skulls: Expand your Consciousness. Book (2013)  Perhaps read this one first, this one is easier to understand.


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