My Learnings on Crystals & Crystal Energy

True Lemurian Crystal

What are Lemurian Quartz? In Search of a True L...

There is a huge tangle of information online on what Lemurian crystals are. The name Lemurian Quartz isn’t scientifically recognised, so there isn’t really any trustworthy evidence to go by...

Crystals to Heal Yourself and the Earth

When you heal yourself, you heal the Earth. You help heal all those who reside in her. As you raise your own vibrations, you help our Earth raise hers.

How I Accessed My Dragon Guides with Crystals

I didn't even know that dragon guides existed. I didn't do anything special to feel them. All I did was dedicate myself to crystal meditation to heal myself. 

Restoring Earth's Crystalline Grid with Crystals

It all began when my dragon guides hinted that crystals could play a pivotal role in restoring the Earth. This could be done by strengthening the crystalline grid.

How to Manifest with Crystals - Pt 2

Crystals are wonderful sources to have in your manifestation toolbox. However, we need to use crystals effectively for this purpose. I explain it here.

Crystals for Confidence

This blog isn't your typical listicle on crystals for self-confidence—plenty of those already saturate the internet. Simply carrying these confidence-boosting crystals won't cut it, and I'll explain why in this...