How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Upon realising that I can sense crystal energies (and you can too), I’ve read a tonne on these topics and the best answers were given by Jaap van Etten and Darryl Anka (who is a channel for an extraterrestial named Bashar). This is an amalgamation of information given by the 2 teachers on crystal energies; a lot of Bashar’s material is copied as I just can’t explain it with my own words.

Let us start with crystals first, but even before we talk about crystals, we need to talk about electromagnetism. I actually don’t completly comprehend what electromagnetism actually is since I find concept in physics too abstract but below is what I basically understand. 


Every substance in our physical reality is made up of atoms, and each atom has a set of electrons which are negatively charged particles. These circle around the nucleus which is made of protons and are positively charged (the nucleus also has neutrons but we will ignore that for now). Electrons are always circling around the nucleus, and by chance, the electrons can arrange themselves in a way that they cluster on one side of the atom. This results one side of the atom to be more negatively charged (where the electrons have gathered), and the other side to be more positively charged due to the exposure of the positive nucleus. This then creates a charge difference in the atom and creates an electric field, which is an area around the “charged” atom that exerts force of attraction or repulsion on all other charged particles that come within it, either attracting them (if oppositely charged) or repelling them (if it is the same charge).

All non-moving particles with an electrical charge possess an electrical field, but similar attractive and repulsive forces occur within what we call a magnetic field when charged particles move a certain direction. For example, electric current, which is the movement of negatively charged electrons along a direction of conducting material such as metal wires, will create a magnetic field around it. This is how scientists create very strong magnets.

Anyway, a moving charged particle will create both an electric and magnetic field and we call this the electromagnetic field, which is the area where the forces of attraction and repulsion occur around the moving charged particle.  This electromagnetic force is responsible for the existence of our physical reality. It is the attraction between the positively charged atomic nuclei and their negatively charged electrons which hold the atom together, and it is the attraction between oppositely charged atoms that create molecules, and it is the attraction/repulsion between different molecules that create all physical substances of our reality.

Again, it is more complex and I haven’t fully explained the concept with detail and accuracy, but this is the simplest I can explain.

Electromagnetic energy, created by movement of charged particles, travels in a wave-like form. This energy travels in the speed of light and not only does it exert an attractive/repulsive force in its field but depending on the wavelength/frequency of this energy, it can be felt as heat (infrared radiation), seen as light (and also UV radiation) or be used as radiowaves, microwaves, x-rays, or gamma rays.

Darryl Anka/Bashar state that it is this electromagnetic energy that is the template of all creations in our physical reality. He describes the electromagnetic field as the fundermental fabric of physical existence. Electromagnetism is of the frequencies formed from the original explosion of existence by consciousness; it is one of the different chords that was created out of the overall harmonics of all the vibrations of the primal energy that there are (did you get that?).

He explains that electromagnetism was the first step to the laying of the foundation and creation of our solid, material, physical reality.  I assume this is because electromagnetism is the force/energy that holds the atom together, which then forms molecules, which then creates all physicality of our reality.

Bashar also states that we have created our consciousness to exist first in electromagnetic vibrations. This electromagnetic vibration is constructed in a particular crystalline latticework pattern that is tetrahedral in nature. I don’t actually understand what Bashar means by this at all. However I also read something similar by Luke Blue Eagle, based on native American traditional knowledge. I assume that when a charged particle emits energy, it might emit it as several waves (let’s say 4 waves) that moves in 4 different directions, in the form of a tetrahedral. If several charged particles emit this wave like energy, and if you mark a dot where these energy waves end, then connect the dots together, it will look like a crystalline lattice structure. Thus if I have interpreted this correctly (which I probably haven't), you could say the electromagnetic field created by all of the different charged particles connect together to form structure which looks like a crystalline lattice, and this is the primal structure of our consciousness, where our consciousness resides.



Now we can finally get to the crystals part. Bashar describes crystals are very very close to the original energy state of our consciousness. He explains that the crystalline structure is a solidified electromagnetic field. They are the primal representatives of the electromagnetic template in which all physical materiality is created from our consciousness. They are almost purely representative of the template itself, the structure itself, or the fabric itself of physical materiality. Because we are now starting to deal with the very core of understanding what we are as a consciousness, our tools for spiritual growth and ascension are becoming more representative of the primal state in which our consciousness exists, such as crystals (I hope you got that).

From this I understand that, as crystals are pure vibratory states of who we are at our highest capacity, by attuning to these crystal energies, our body, our mind, and our emotions are aligned back to our highest selves, thus leading to healing.

I assume that by focusing on the crystal via meditation which then transfers energy to the crystal, (as your attention and focus IS energy), the vibration of the crystal increases and becomes stronger, which then affects your OWN vibratory frequency. Or perhaps it is that the crystal's incredible stable frequency easily affects our rather fluid energetic frequency. 

Bashar states that we can gain to some degree, great insights into our absolute nature of consciousness by associating with the frequencies that are represented by crystalline structures (crystals) in our physical world. Most people wouldn't be able to comprehend what the frequency of the Source of Creation / God/ Universe actually feels like, but if you use the right crystal, you can get access to these frequencies and be able to feel it with your physical body. 

Everything in our physical world is a projection of our consciousness, crystals do not have power that we ourselves do not possess. Crystals are merely our reflections of the powers we possess and open up our awareness to these powers, which we have completely forgotten about as our civilisation evolved (or spiritually de-volved should I say?). Crystals have been instrumental in functioning as catalysts & triggers, to remind us who and what we are, and the powers we possess. We ourselves are the Master Crystal, and we are responsible for the energy that we feel flowing from the crystal.

Bashar also adds that, crystals pick up certain frequencies and match and identify with certain levels of electromagnetic awareness and consciousness to translate that as something you can experience; whether it is movement of energy, images, thoughts, etc... Your affinity to any particular crystal, colour, form, or shape will have to do with whatever it is that you are working on at any given moment. You will be attracted always to the thing that will be most reflective of you.


5 Characteristics of Crystals

All crystals to some degree will exhibit all 5 characteristics mentioned below and will vary in intensity depending on what level you are in spiritually, and how open you are to discovering what needs to be discovered about yourself and how open you are to discovering the different levels of consciousness (dimensions) you currently exist in. Whatever you are attracted to will serve you best at that moment for whatever you are working on.

Bashar also states that crystal energies won’t always be intense, it can be a subtle whisper or a gentle nudge because that is all that is required for you. Sometimes I can’t fully translate the energy I feel from a crystal, but I get a vague idea of what it is, and that is simply enough.

Additionally, I found that a lot of the times the crystal I am holding doesn’t match the energies described by various crystal authors/books. Bashar states that these books are representative of a recognition that there are general effects of certain crystals in our general society because we have made a general consensus about what it should be like. These aren’t incorrect but as you realise that you are your own master crystal, you decide for yourself what energy a particular crystal possesses.

The below are the 5 characteristics of crystals according to Bashar (and Jaap) that all crystals to some degree all possess, but some will have more intensity of certain characteristics than others.

Crystals are reflective: Crystals can reflect who and what you truly are as an expanded being, to put you back in touch with the part of yourself you have forgotten about or unaware of, so that you can integrate it, deal with it, learn from it, and become a more expanded being as a whole.

Crystals are refractive: Like the way crystals can refract white light into rainbows, crystals can also refract your consciousness which exists in different dimensions of reality, whether they are alternate lives, past lives, or future lives. Crystals find the frequency that represents these alternate dimensions which all coexists with us simultaneously and show it to you.

Crystals are transmitive: Information itself, consciousness itself, or other levels of energy and entities, can themselves flow through a crystal to transmit information to you. Simply put, you can use crystals to receive messages from your higher self or other higher beings.

Crystals are storative: All knowledge can be stored in a crystalline matrix for retrieval or transmittal at any particular point in time because crystals represent the fundamental structure of existence itself. You just need to know how to access this information; the information can be released through specific frequencies of sound and light but Bashar doesn’t state what these are.

Crystals act as keys to open the gate to other dimensions and realities. As you attune to the particular vibration of a crystal (as you allow the crystal to attune to your vibration), you can use the crystal to open a gateway into any dimension of experience.

Now that we have talked about crystals, we can move onto Crystal Skulls in the next blog! Crystal skulls are even more curious and powerful!



Darryl Anka - Crystals and Electromagnetism Audio recording (Nov 1987). *You won’t be able to find this recording now, there had been a free version online but it was taken off. This recording doesn’t seem to exist in Darryl Anka’s webstore (, maybe it was lost. I had been fortunate enough to have downloaded the free recording when it was available, albeit such horrible quality.


Luke Blue Eagle - First Nations Crystal Healing: Working with the Teachers of the Mineral Kingdom. Book (2021)

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