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White Halloysite Quartz

White Halloysite Quartz

Interesting piece of quartz with white halloysite inclusions which can be seen as fine white tubules under the dissection microscope. This looks to be a self-healed quartz due to the bent shape it formed. Perhaps it was originally growing one direction then broke, but decided to regrow at a slightly different angle. There is also some yellow/ochre pigment on the crystal which is likely caused by a thin halloysite coating (halloysite comes in different colours). Please don't try to scrub it off.

White Halloysite Meaning & Energy: 3rd Eye, Visualisation, Truth Seeker

This white halloysite quartz initially stimulated the 3rd eye so much that it almost hurt, but the pain disappeared soon after. The crystal itself radiates a light joyful energy. 

Upon meditation with this white halloysite, in my mind's vision I could see a female figure who reminded me a bit of Nicole Kidman (lol) with a golden hooded robe over her head (a minor detail - the hood had a red edge). She gave me enchantress vibes and she was standing in complete darkness but was so radiant. 

I'm still uncertain what the female figure represents, but I believe the colour gold is significant. Perhaps this white halloysite will help with visualisations as mine was super crisp and clear during this time. I did get an intuitive feeling that the crystal helps reveal truth in all situations. 

Size: 11cm x 1.3cm, 27.6g

Locality: Colombia

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