International Shipping Duties & Tax

Each country has different import duty and tax regulations. Due to the complexity, it is the buyer's responsibility to be aware of their country's import duty and tax regulations and pay accordingly to their customs. 

Below are the basic duty and tax regulations for the countries I ship to, but you would need to do your research and double check your government's guidelines (especially Canada). 

  • Australia - No duty or tax to pay for goods worth less than $1000 AUD.
  • USA - No duty or tax to pay for goods worth less than $800 USA
  • Hong Kong - No duty or tax required for import of the goods sold in this shop. Yay!
  • UK - No VAT for goods under 39 pounds. No import tax for goods under 135 pounds. VAT is usually 20% of cost of declared goods. Tax is different, around 2.5%.
  • Canada - wow I don't know how Canadians buy anything overseas since the duty and tax laws are insane. Anything above $20 CAD may require duty and import tax which could range from 5% to 15% of the cost of declared goods, depending on where you are. 
  • **Thailand - Thailand can be very complicated if you need to pay duty & tax (anything over 1500 bhat). I can declare the lowest amount for you to avoid this. I would avoid large orders or multiple silver jewellery to Thailand to reduce suspicion. Usually small parcels from NZ pass customs smoothly.
    • I have sent parcels to Thailand fine without any problems but according to DHL... customs may decide to randomly check the parcel, which would require physical processing. If you haven't appointed DHL as your broker, you might get a fine (up to 4 times the declared amount). So if you would like to avoid difficulties it would be best if you register yourself with Thai Customs using your national ID or passport and appoint DHL as your broker. This process may take 3-4 days. It takes about a week for DHL parcels to arrive so if you register when you order, that should be enough time. 
    • I can also just send the parcel without you registering with Thai customs (which has worked without any problems in the past) but payment of any fines will be at your own cost and I cannot provide a refund. 

Your item will be declared as Collector's rock / stone for customs. Silver jewellery will need to be declared as silver jewellery.

For UK and Canada I can declare the lowest value possible for your parcel to pass customs with ease. However for large orders, I would probably have to write a slightly higher cost of goods to devoid suspicion, and in that case you would have to pay your duties and tax. Please include your phone number and email during purchase so DHL can contact you (as I have to include these details for DHL shipments). Usually they send you a link for the duties/tax payment. Your parcel will be released and delivered once this has been paid. 

Please contact me if you have any questions on this matter :)

I would love to send this as a duty paid shipment but I simply can't absorb the costs :'(