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Lightning Quartz (Smoky)

Lightning Quartz (Smoky)

Rare Lightning Quartz from Brazil! The zigzag crevices that you see in the quartz were formed by a completely natural phenomenon.

Lightning quartz forms lightning hits a rock, and if there is quartz encased inside, the piezoelectrical qualities of the quartz crystal allows it to expand and contract. This then causes cracks on its surface,

Smoky Lightning Quartz Meaning & Energy

SmallClearing, Energy Boost, Transformational Shift

This Smoky Lightning Quartz possesses the ability to give you a significant energy boost. Furthermore, it forms a protective field around you and aids in absorbing vital energy (prana). It clears and replenishes your aura with a fiery and high vibrational energy.

Also it's not uncommon for older relationships to naturally drift away under its influence. This crystal holds a transformative power, capable of breaking ingrained habits.

This Lightning Quartz offers heightened stimulation to the crown, resembling a powerful energy beam that ascends upwards, connecting you to divine guidance and instructions. As you experience its effects, you may feel a tingling sensation and a potent surge around the third eye. This feels akin to being drawn into a metaphorical black hole through your 3rd eye. This can initially induce a woozy feeling, yet eventually, you'll sense a clearing and cleansing sensation.

Large: Focus, Psychic Visions, Transformational Shift

This Smoky Lightning Quartz emanates a potent energy, particularly stimulating the third eye and its surrounding areas—an inch above, below, and at the sides. I personally regard it as one of the most effective crystals for enhancing inner vision and clairvoyance. It enables us to perceive beyond the limitations of our physical sight. It has the potential to shift our old ways of perceiving the world around us and alter our perspectives.

This Lightning quartz interestingly has the ability to release blockages, notably via the right temple. The energy seems to flow seamlessly from one temple to the other, exerting a positive influence on the mind. It also allows you to facilitate laser-like focus.

Lastly, it serves as a protective shield for the aura.


Small - 7cm x 3cm, 57g

Large - 12.5cm x 4cm, 242g

Locality: Brazil

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