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Phenacite on Smoky Quartz

Phenacite on Smoky Quartz

Phenacite are high vibrational crystals and smoky quartz are usually grounding crystals. Nature has mixed these 2 beauties together to create an energetically fascinating crystal specimen.

The Large and Medium specimens have more baby Phenacite crystals when viewed under the microscope. The Small specimen has only 1.

Phenacite Meaning & Energy

Small – Optimism, Playfulness, High Vibrational

This unique Phenacite embedded in smoky quartz radiates enthusiasm, optimism, and a profound joy for life.

Engaging in meditation with this crystal induces an overwhelming sense of serenity, smoothly transitioning you to a higher vibration. Your energy ascends from the root chakra to the heart and then to the third eye. This seems to create lightness throughout your body. The ascent to a heightened frequency brings about an abundance of positivity, love, and playfulness.

Medium – High Vibrational, Become your Divine Self

With this Phenacite, an immediate uplift ensues, drawing your chin upward and stimulating your spine. The sensation is one of lightness and expansion, as if transcending into the realm of the divine.

This Phenacite effortlessly elevates your vibration. It facilitates your entry into the divine realm, where understanding of higher energy levels becomes possible. Tuning into this frequency allows for a transformative journey towards embodying your most divine self.

Noteworthy is the remarkably smooth transition of energy in this specific Canadian Phenacite.

Large – Grounding & Integration of Light Energy, Relief from Ascension Symptoms

This unique Phenacite stood out among others I've encountered, likely owing to its elevated smoky quartz content. It is like smoky quartz on steroids.

The energy this Phenacite exudes is intriguingly perplexing. It offers a pronounced grounding sensation, as if a force is pressing down onto your crown chakra from above.

With each breath, there's a palpable release and expansion of energy. Later you can feel energy being drawn in through the forehead. Strangely this energy instantly gets sucked down your spine, then to the root chakra to become grounded.

This specific Phenacite proves beneficial for those grappling with ascension symptoms. It aids in the integration of light energy along the spine and grounding this down through the root. It actively supports spiritual progression within the confines of our 3D reality.

It creates an impression that, rather than ascending to the divine realm, the divine energy descends from above to meet you.


Small – 2.5cm x 1cm

Medium – 3cm x 1.7cm

Large – 3.5cm x 2.3cm

Locality: British Columbia, Canada

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