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Moldavite are rare & prized for their unique and often intense energy. They will not flip your life upside down contrary to popular belief! Moldavite is a green tektite formed from a massive meteorite impact about 15 million years ago. They are found in the Czech Republic and have gained unprecedented popularity due to social media. This a genuine piece.

Moldavite Meaning & Energy: Connection to the Divine Mind, Reiki.

Moldavite are renowned for generating intense heat in your hands, which I definitely felt during meditation with this piece. Additionally, it stimulates the heart center with the same heat energy.

This Moldavite induces a compelling upward pull from the crown, facilitating a connection with divine, masculine energy. These qualities make it particularly beneficial for individuals practicing Reiki, enabling them to channel this divine energy through their hands. It is also good those seeking a deeper understanding of higher energies.

There are cases on social media where people state Moldavite turned their life upside down, some in a negative way. I haven't felt such dramatic energies from this piece. However, if you are very far from your true path, the alignment of divine energies brought by this tektite may move things around in your life. This is so that you are walking your true path and fulfilling your purpose. I have also read in a book by Jaap van Etten that only 5% of Moldavite he came across possess such intense energy capable of bringing drastic change. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this piece isn't one of them. 

Following a meditation session with Moldavite, it is advisable to take a moment to rest and hydrate. The potent energy stirred up can induce a strong sensation, potentially causing dizziness.

Size: 2.8cm (l) x 1.2cm (w) x 0.5cm thick

Locality: Czech Republic

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