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Labradorite Carving (Clarity)

Labradorite Carving (Clarity)

Labradorite carving as an All-Seeing Eye Talisman, featuring gorgeous purple and orange hues. Notice its gentle flash in sunlight. Establish a connection with its energies through meditation, and keep this gorgeous labradorite carving in your bag or pocket for a discreet touch of divine guidance.

Labradorite Meaning & Energy: Clarity, Centring

This Labradorite carving is exceptionally grounding and creates a profound sense of centering. The complete dissolution of the ego leaves you in a state of remarkable neutrality.

Directing focus to the third eye, this Labradorite carving imparts clarity. It is particularly beneficial for individuals prone to emotionally-driven or impulsive decision-making.

Furthermore, this crystal exudes a replenishing energy, offering a soothing influence on the mind.

Size: 4.6cm x 4cm

Locality: Madagascar

Note: You need to angle this labradorite in sunlight to see its flash

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