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Kundalini Quartz (Joy)

Kundalini Quartz (Joy)

Kundalini Quartz, also known as Citrine from Congo. They are popular as they are thought to awaken your Kundalini, as per the name.

Kundalini Quartz Meaning & Energy: Joy, Re-alignment of chakras 

With this Kundalini quartz, my body physically swooned and swirled. It tried to align my energy points (chakras) along the vertical axis. I believe it balances, re-orders, and brings your energetic body into alignment.

Kundaline Quartz, also called Citrine from Congo, exhibits a unique characteristic by naturally resonating at a notably higher frequency. Its energy feels remarkably light and loving, infusing an innate joy for life within those who connect with it. It seems to embody a carefree and optimistic essence, often associated with luck and positive outcomes.

The vibrant energy of this Kundalini quartz radiates an uplifted and buoyant state of being. It allows individuals to approach life with a sense of serendipity and an open heart, ready to embrace the blessings that come their way. It's as if this Citrine is a beacon of positivity, continuously attracting and magnifying good fortune. This makes it a cherished companion for those seeking a brighter outlook on life!

Size: 7.5cm x 5cm

Locality: Congo

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