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Hedenbergite Quartz

Hedenbergite Quartz

These Hedenbergite Quartz are another interesting find from Inner Mongolia!

These cute quartz pieces tribute their green colouration to the inclusion of minerals, Hedenbergite and Actinolite, where is thought the lighter coloured quartz may contain more of the latter.

These Hedenbergite quartz are much more afforable to those found in Serifos, Greece. 

The lighter green crystal is a Tessin quartz, a rare type of tapered quartz where all 6 sides meet at the top. These will usually have no or a very small face at the tip.

Hedenbergite Quartz Meaning & Energy

Dark Green: Openness to Possibilities, Connection to Nature, Shadow Work

This Hedenbergite quartz crystal offers a deeply soothing effect, akin to the serenity of a forest walk. It induces a refreshing journey for the mind, brimming with energy. Its essence is deeply rooted in nature, imparting a sense of awakened vitality. It leaves you feeling remarkably alert and rejuvenated.

Functioning as a natural harmonizer, the hedenbergite brings a profound sense of balance to the mind. It fosters clear thinking and unveils possibilities. It assists in problem-solving and provides clarity, despite an initial woozy sensation. This crystal embodies harmony & balance, making it ideal for those caught in the rush of life or navigating heightened emotions.

Holistically, the hedenbergite brings equilibrium to one's life, aiding in smooth transitions during times of change. While subtly stimulating the heart, it carries a shamanic vibe. It encourages inward reflection to discern one's true desires and authentic way of living.

Particularly beneficial for shadow work, this hedenbergite facilitates the release of old, repressed energies that act as blockages. It liberates you to embrace a more authentic life, and ultimately helping in self-discovery.

Light Green: Transmute Darkness, Relieve Burdens & Anxiety

This hedenbergite crystal exhibits a potent effect on the third eye, instigating a notable stimulation. A vision I experienced while holding this crystal suggests it can transmute darkness held within an individual, into light—whether it's negative thoughts or repressed emotions. This transformative quality is particularly reassuring, aiming to illuminate and uplift. It also balances the yin and yang, harmonizing one's energy.

Interestingly, this Hedenbergite quartz subtly stimulates the heart. This feeling is accompanied by a warm and tingly energy embracing the stomach and gut area. This characteristic makes it beneficial for managing anxiety and doubt.

Moreover, this hedenbergite instigates a tingling sensation at the crown, elevating one's vibratory frequency while subtly tapping into shamanic energies. It holds the potential to relieve burdens, fostering a sense of release and clarity within.


Light - 1.2cm x 5cm

Dark - 1.9cm x 4.5cm

Locality: Inner Mongolia

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