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Citrine Crystal Skulls

Citrine Crystal Skulls

Distinctive Citrine crystal skull carvings, which blend skulls and points for a truly unique creation. I find these Citrine skulls exceptionally cool! Meticulously hand-carved, these pieces showcase a fusion of artistry and quality.

Citrine Skull Meaning & Energy

Short, more yellow: Assertiveness, Objectivity, Leadership

This particular Citrine crystal skull showcases a potent influence on the brain and third eye. Its dynamic energy facilitates clear and objective perception, enhancing visionary thinking. Additionally, it offers a stabilizing and grounding effect. It provides a firm foundation for making resolute decisions.

In professional realms, this citrine shines as a beneficial tool for leaders, managers, and business professionals. It enhances the analytical mind and encouraging a pragmatic approach. Its energy exudes a serious demeanor, akin to forming a protective armour over the chest region. This imparts a sense of resilience, fortitude, and protection.

Remarkably, this citrine skull also bolsters one's vocal strength, amplifying the courage to speak out. During meditation, it projects an energy of bravery, evoking the essence of a lionheart. For individuals who tend to be overly sensitive or struggle to assert themselves, this crystal proves to be a powerful ally. It nurtures the ability to stand tall and advocate for oneself.

Long, lighter color: Joy, Tranquility, Reassurance & Calm

This Citrine Crystal Skull embodies a gentle and lighter vibration, and can be likened to a shy personality. It seems to have its own volition, choosing when and how it wants to interact with you (I know this sounds really strange).

Despite its reserved nature, this Citrine Skull is high vibrational. It carries a sense of relaxation, happiness, and lightness, infusing an overall feeling of joy and a sense of being thoroughly cleansed. 

Engaging with this Citrine crystal evokes a serene and peaceful ambiance. It promotes a harmonious and tranquil state of being. The energy it emits is akin to a calming breeze that assures you, whispering 'all will be well'. It comforts and reassures the soul in the gentlest of ways.


Short Citrine Skull - 6.5 x 2.7cm

Long Citrine Skull - 8.5cm x 2.5cm 

Locality: Unknown

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