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Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz Natural Clusters

Green Chlorite Phantom Quartz Natural Clusters

Exceptional green (chlorite) phantom quartz clusters with hematite. The minty green phantom is due to chlorite inclusions. These are rare clusters. 

Unlike the more common chlorite quartz dominating the market (in the form of garden quartz and polished varieties), these specimens stand out as natural quartz clusters.

Their distinctiveness lies in unusually minty-green chlorite phantoms, accompanied by wine-red hematite inclusions. Some clusters even boast an additional layer of hematite phantoms, adding to their uniqueness.

The energy emanating from these green phantom clusters is truly remarkable. They are my newfound favorites in the realm of crystals.

Crystal Meaning & Energy

Chlorite Phantom Quartz Cluster 1 – Root Chakra Activation, Spiritual Glow-up

The flow of energy descends from the third eye and moves down along the spine. This process facilitates deep breathing and the release of energy within the root chakra. 

As this energy courses through, it activates and clears the root chakra, allowing you to radiate, diffuse, and spread your authentic divine energy on earth. During this release, I envisioned the unfurling of an upside-down lotus flower.

In this transformative journey, it empowers you to evolve into your best self. It fosters a spiritual glow-up that transcends and uplifts your being.

Chlorite Phantom Quartz Cluster 2 – Incredibly Strong Earth Energy

The distinctive energy of this piece may be due to the abundant inclusions of hematite. This sets it apart, especially when compared to the ethereal vibes of Clusters 3 and 4.

Green Phantom Cluster 2, however, offers a unique blend. While it still carries traces of the celestial energy, it is somewhat overshadowed by a potent earth energy that surges from below. This imparts a more masculine and serious tone to its aura.

Each breath seems to draw in energy from the earth, creating a profound sense of calm and neutrality. You feel solid and unshakeable, as if imbued with the unwavering strength of the earth itself.

It would be an amazing piece for those who require inner strength and empowerment.

Chlorite Phantom Quartz Cluster 3 and 4 – Divine Light Energy

These Chlorite Phantom Quartz clusters offer an exquisite experience, evoking a sense of divine connection.

As you engage with them, they facilitate the reception of radiant white light from above. This divine energy enters through the third eye and flood your entire being.

It's akin to the gates of heaven unfolding, bathing you in a resplendent light. In this state, you become profoundly receptive, open, and in love with life.

Green Phantom Cluster 4 exudes a notably heightened energy, likely attributed to its increased number of quartz points.


Cluster 1 – 4cm x 2cm, 25g

Cluster 2 – 6cm x 4.5cm, 65g

Cluster 3 – 6cm x 4cm, 36g

Cluster 4 – 5.5cm x 4.5cm 90g

Locality: Brazil

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