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Blue Green Flower Agate

Blue Green Flower Agate

These Blue Green Flower Agate are a rare type of flower agates from Madagascar. I handpicked the best Green Flower Agate with the most beautiful patterns and minty blue colour.

The colouration of these green blue flower agates is caused by trace minerals. I haven’t been able to find reliable sources of information on what these could be, though probably copper.

You can be assured this colouration is completely natural and these crystals are not dyed. I have tested these using 3 different chemical solvents of increasing hydrophobicity. I have also checked them scrupulously under the microscope.

Green Blue Flower Agate Meaning & Energy

These Blue Green Flower Agates have a very interesting energy. They are all extremely good for cleansing chakras but uniquely stimulate the ear chakra (to help you hear divine guidance!)

#1: Clear and Energize Crown Chakra, Remote Viewing

This Blue Green Flower Agate draws you inward but makes you feel very light. It opens up the right side of your head, followed by the left side. This creates a weird sensation as if you can perceive your surroundings from a 360-degree perspective. It enhances your overall awareness and makes it beneficial for those interested in remote viewing.

Furthermore, this Blue Green flower agate provides a cleansing and energizing effect on the crown chakra, offering clarity and vitality.

#2: Clear and Heal Lower Chakras, Increase Joy for Life

Amongst the Blue Green Flower Agates, this particular crystal exhibits a stronger shamanic component. It strongly draws you inward while maintaining a sense of lightness.

Notably, the brown inclusion within this stone plays a pivotal role in stimulating the lower chakras. It facilitates a smooth downward flow of energy. As a result, the lower chakras receive a thorough cleanse. You are left feeling light as pent-up energy is released downwards.  Intriguingly, this downward movement of energy coincides with an increased appreciation and enthusiasm for life, enhancing your overall vitality.

#3: 3rd Eye Purification, Enhance Clairaudience & Clairvoyance

This Blue Green Flower Agate provides an instant sensation of refreshment. It feels akin to opening a window, allowing fresh air to flow in.

Its stimulation of the third eye is distinctive, creating a sense of emptiness and purity. It's as if you're breathing through your third eye, but the energy flows out the ears. I believe that this unique experience enhances your ability to perceive and comprehend spiritual guidance with exceptional clarity.

#4: Heart Chakra Clearing & Healing (from Hurtful Words)

This Blue Green Flower Agate resonates deeply with the heart. Energy can be felt moving upward from the heart and radiating out both ears. This unique quality is believed to facilitate the release of energy associated with past hurtful words. It cleanses and purifies the heart chakra from these lingering negative and dense energies.

#5: Throat Chakra Clearing & Healing

This Blue Green Flower Agate serves as a powerful tool for purification and revitalization. You'll notice a tingling sensation throughout your entire body, particularly at the crown of your head. As time passes, your ears will begin to tingle, and experience a stimulating warmth.

This green blue flower agate also has a pronounced impact on the throat chakra. It will be beneficial for those seeking to heal their entire throat chakra, as the ears are closely connected to this energy center.


#1 - 6.8cm x 5.3cm, 104g

#2 – 6.8cm x 5.1cm, 109g

#3 – 7.2cm x 4.5cm, 121g

#4 – 6.2cm x 3.6cm, 66g

#5 - 6.3cm x 4.2cm, 65g

Locality: Madagascar

*These are priced by weight but also considering aesthetic quality.

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