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Astrophyllite Specimens

Astrophyllite Specimens

Most Astrophyllite in the market are not genuine. The quest for genuine Astrophyllite was a bit of a journey. The black crystals with bluish streaks that dominate the market, are in fact Anthophyllite.

Astrophyllite Meaning & Energy

Astrophyllite #1: Channelling, Energetic shift around the brain

Meditating with this Astrophyllite can bring about a unique and intriguing experience. You might notice a substantial pressure enveloping your entire head. This signals a distinct energy shift within your brain. Furthermore, your ears could perceive a heightened sense of openness.

During meditation, I had a brief vision reminiscent of a satellite antenna. This Astrophyllite may benefit those who wish to channel transmissions from extraterrestrial sources or the astral realm

Astrophyllite #2 and #4: Astral Projection

Both of these Astrophyllite share similar energetics. Initially you feel as if you are being sucked inward (Astrophyllite #4 induces this sensation to a lesser degree).

Subsequently, there's a sense of floating above your physical body. However you will still maintain a delicate connection to your body, gently swaying like a seaweed in the ocean. These Astrophyllite are well-suited for those interested in astral projection, the astral realm, & and the Akashic records.

Moreover, it fosters a profound sense of tranquility, lightness, and positivity.

Astrophyllite #3: Telepathy, Re-alignment of Third Eye

This Astrophyllite creates a sensation as if weighty energy pressing down upon you,  allowing a heightened level of concentration. This effect is followed by your third eye being gently pulled forward by a magnetic force. During this process, the Astrophyllite may remove blockages or realign energies in this area. As you acclimate, the intensity of the sensation diminishes.

My intuition suggests that this Astrophyllite is ideal for those seeking to enhance their telepathic abilities.


#1 -  4cm x 3cm, 26g

#2 – 3.9cm x 3cm, 18g

#3 – 4.5cm x 3cm, 28g

#4 – 5cm x 3cm, 25g

Locality: Russia

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I assess each crystal's energy through meditation. I don't take this job lightly. However, the crystal you're drawn to is often the one you need. How YOU perceive the crystal's energy may vary based on your spiritual journey.

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