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Aegirine (Rare)

Aegirine (Rare)

Aegirine from Malawi with a silvery sheen. Aegirine especially as tumbles, are hard to find, let alone high quality like these! These Aegirine tumbles share very similar energies, but you can still choose the exact one you wish!

Aegirine Crystal Meaning & Energy: Clear Energy Channel, Remove Negative Thought Patterns, Brain Fog

These Aegirine excel at cleansing your central energy channel. This cleansing starts in the lower chakras, and you may feel a smooth surge of energy moving downwards.

These Aegirine ground and guide your negativity down towards the earth. Their energies delve deep into your mind, erasing negative thought patterns with a radiant white light.

After cleansing with these Aegirine, a profound sense of clarity ensues. Clean energy seamlessly courses down your central energy channel. Your mind feels incredibly clear and focused, effectively combating brain fog. However, given its potent nature, some individuals may experience wooziness afterwards.

Size: approx. 4-5cm x 1.3-1.8cm

Locality: Malawi

I assess each crystal's energy through meditation to aid your understanding. But remember, the crystal you're drawn to is often the one you need. Please read the disclaimer below.

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I assess each crystal's energy through meditation. I don't take this job lightly. However, the crystal you're drawn to is often the one you need. How YOU perceive the crystal's energy may vary based on your spiritual journey.

*Crystals serve as tools to support your healing. Please listen to professional medical advice*

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