Crystals for Confidence

This blog isn't your typical listicle about crystals that enhance self-confidence; countless articles like that already exist online. Instead, I want to share my personal experience with crystals and how they played a crucial role in transforming my profound, underlying sadness rooted in low self-worth into newfound confidence over two years of dedicated crystal meditation.

Despite the overall positive impact of crystal meditation on my confidence and self-esteem, my tarot readings consistently revealed a significant energetic block hindering the manifestation of my highest goals. This block was directly linked to the deep-seated sadness I carried, rooted in low self-worth, unbeknownst to my conscious mind. Despite my initial belief in overcoming this past sadness, it became evident that more inner shadow work was necessary.

I promise to get to the "using crystals to raise your confidence" part later, but please hear my backstory first as it could potentially help you out.

In a recent, intense dream with symbolic significance, I recognized the importance of delving into it, as it deviated significantly from my usual dreams. Subsequent introspection, coupled with messages from my tarot cards, led me to confront and draw out the lingering sadness instead of burying it in the sand - a habit I likely engaged in for years.

Identifying specific childhood events that matched this sadness revealed one poignant memory: being left with the most unwanted item. I think I was perhaps 7 years old, my mother had received 4 Disney character mugs from a friend. My 2 cousins were over at our house and my mother told us we could all choose the cup we wanted. However what happened was that she let my cousins and older brother decide what they wanted first and allowed me to have whatever cup that was left over. Now this to me seems like an incredibly trivial event, but back then the sadness that I felt was unparallel. I felt so left out, so undeserving of good things. I felt I was the least worthy person in that group. Now this repeated throughout my childhood, probably because I was the youngest and a daughter – sons, especially eldest sons were always the preferred in my culture (although I am sure my brother would argue).

Now that I had pin-pointed the cause of my underlying sadness and low self-esteem, I was puzzled – what was I meant to do now? So I dove in deeper, sitting still, until a new perspective came.

By attuning to crystals with diligent meditation and tapping into high vibrational frequencies, I could draw in feelings of unconditional love from our Source/God/Creator. As I elevated my frequency, absorbing these high vibrational emotions, a simple yet profound revelation washed over me. While I had been intellectually aware of this truth before, the difference lay in feeling this truth in every cell of my body—that I am inherently worthy of everything I desire and more. I came to a deep understanding, rooted in my heart and soul, that if my mother perceived me as less important, it was solely her decision, her opinion, and her burden of low-frequency emotions and thoughts. It had no bearing on my true worth, for I deserved every goodness that the world could offer.

With this rekindled realization, I extended this perspective to other events in my childhood that had fuelled my low self-esteem, transmuting the prevailing darkness into light. Continuing to draw on the frequency of unconditional love taught by my crystals, another revelation unfolded. Previously, when someone won a prize in a draw I was also part of, I would secretly harbour resentment, questioning why they deserved it more than me. Now, from a newfound understanding of my inherent worthiness for all good things, I recognized that others too deserved abundance. We were all worthy of our desires – this fostered a sense of generosity within me. I genuinely felt like I celebrated their victories and success genuinely, without envy, as I knew with my soul that this abundance is also freely given to me.

Energetically, knowing and understanding that WE ALL are worthy of abundance and manifesting our desires, seem crucial at raising our frequency even higher, rather than merely focusing on this truth for only our individual self.

The culmination of these revelations resulted in a profound sense of self-worth and confidence, fulfilling my primary motivation for embarking on my spiritual journey in the first place.

I want to emphasize that merely carrying crystals for confidence isn't enough; attuning to their frequencies through meditation is essential. In my blogs, I detail how to accomplish this - it’s not hard, it just requires practice. Crystals, as master teachers of high frequency, offer profound lessons when diligently attuned through meditation. If I hadn't gained an understanding of positive frequencies like unconditional love and abundance through my meditation with crystals, I doubt I would have been able to truly feel this profound truth resonate in my heart and soul. Instead, I might have merely acknowledged it intellectually and continued with my usual life. You can read my blogs on how to meditate with crystals here (simpler version) and here (more indepth version)

My journey is shared with the hopes of inspiring your own path of self-discovery, whether or not you choose to incorporate crystals. May introspection guide you towards a profound understanding of your inherent worthiness so you can live your life with increased confidence and self-esteem.  

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