How to Use Crystals

Crystals are amazing tools for those who struggle with meditation, for those wanting to ascend spiritually, and for those wanting to achieve their goals and desires. It took me a while to figure out how to actually use crystals for these purposes, but it is not difficult at all!

First have a look at my other blog pages “How to Feel Crystal Energies” and “How Does Crystal Healing Work?” to get an idea of what crystals energies are and come back to this page.


Very Important Note - Crystals are Reflective!

It is important to know that crystals are reflective, especially crystal skulls, this is one of their 5 main characteristics. Crystals will reflect back to you the state of your being that needs to be re-aligned and changed. This could be shown in your dream, as intense emotions while holding the crystal, or as certain events that occur in your life. I personally found that this occurs more often while I am holding the crystal during meditation where my frustration and anger at a particular situation will surface. Until I understood the reflective qualities of crystals, I just thought that I was bad at meditating.

For example, I was meditating with a crystal for money manifestation but during this, a lot of frustration surfaced which was due to division of household chores (nothing to do with my financial situation). Upon realising that the crystal was just reflecting back to me my state of being, I tried to reconfigure my thought patterns on this situation. However, the frustration was too intense and I could not “think” myself out of it. So in this situation, I grabbed another crystal which I know soothes emotions (Truffle Chalcedony, Larimar, Kambaba stone, and Feather Fluorite are one of many soothing crystals) and attuned to its calming frequency via meditation. This worked instantly to diffuse my frustration, so that I could work mentally on figuring out the reason for my emotions then setting new, more positive patterns of thought on how I should view this situation to change my old negative mental patterns.

This is one of the reasons why it is important to know the energetic qualities of the crystals you have (so you know which one to use). The fact that this frustration occurred while I was trying to attune to frequencies of attracting money, tells me that this negative emotion is one of the blocks to my manifestation.

Another way crystals could reflect back to your anxiousness around money could be by exacerbating your worry so that you finally PROCESS these feelings to figure out where these insecurities have come from so that you can CHANGE your perspectives on money. If it is difficult for you to change this underlying belief, then simply ask the crystal to help you and attune to its energies, and be patient with yourself and continue to attune to the crystal’s energy everyday.

Crystals can also reflect your energetic state is via dreams. This seems to occur usually after working with crystal skulls. If you’re dissatisfied in your relationship with your partner, you could have dreams that symbolise your anger at your partner. The dreams are usually (but not always) emotionally intense. If you analyse the dream literally it probably would make absolutely no sense, but if you pay attention to the emotions you felt in your dream and the emotions and thoughts that you get soon after you woke up, you should intuitively know what the dream was actually about. This occurs so that you actually do something about your dissatisfaction, work things out, communicate, so that you can realign to your higher self and raise your frequencies.



I know that a lot of people struggle with meditation (as I sure did)! It was when I started working with crystals I learnt to meditate and learnt what meditation was meant to FEEL like. Crystals make it a lot easier to meditate as it gives a concrete object in your hand to focus your attention on, and that is simply what meditation is. Simply hold the crystal in one hand, with your other hand on top of the crystal. Breathe in comfortably, there is no need to forcefully slow breathe. As you breathe in and out, focus your attention on the crystal at hand. As you breathe in you can try thinking that your energy is infusing the crystal, and as you breathe out you can think that energy is released from the crystal to your surroundings. See if you can pay attention to any part of your body where you feel movement of energy. It also helps if you put on a gentle smile, I think there is some psychological reason to this. That is simply it! In the beginning you might drift into random thoughts, but just bring your attention back to the crystal. It all takes practice, if I can do it, I am sure anyone can do it! Practice for 5 -10mins everyday and within a year you will see the difference it makes. This process will also help you attune to crystal energies which will then bring positive changes into your life.


Crystals for Spiritual Development

Crystals are solidified forms of pure consciousness. They are the closest physical objects to what divine consciousness is in our physical reality. They are meant to help us remember and realise who we truly are as powerful, divine beings. By meditating with high vibrational crystals in the ways mentioned above, you will be attuning your frequencies to that of the crystals. In the beginning it may be difficult as your spiritual “dial” may have rusted stuck on a lower frequency, but as you practice more and more, it will become easier and quicker for you to turn that dial and tune to higher frequencies at will, and later, being in a state of higher frequency will become your default.


Crystals for Achieving Goals, Manifesting, and Bringing Change

Pretty much same method as the above but first you need to choose the right crystal for your requirement. In my shop, I curate the crystals that I sell by their energies and describe each of their individual energies. However whatever crystal that you feel drawn to is probably the crystal that you need, so trust your attraction and intuition.

Once you have your crystal at hand, meditate with the crystal to attune to its frequency. For some reason it works better if you put on a gentle smile on whilst meditating (maybe it is psychological?). Then simply ask the crystal to show you a solution, bring positive change & healing, or manifest your desires (whatever you want!) whilst breathing in and out comfortably and focusing on the crystal. It is important to focus on the crystal as your focus and attention is energy itself. Release any expectations of how these changes are to appear in your life, as such expectations are more likely to become blockages.

As you attune to the crystal’s frequencies more and more, changes that you wished will manifest in your physical reality, because well, you changed your vibrational frequency! I know that asking you to let go of all expectations is a lot more difficult to do and you probably would keep asking “Is it gonna happen now? Why hasn’t it happened now? Why hasn’t this worked? (the way I expected it to?)”. You need to figure out a way to stop that - and I know this is a lot easier said than done.

There is a Youtuber that really helped me cultivating trust & faith, his channel is Quazi Johir (I am not affiliated with Quazi at all, he doesn't need to, he is mega rich already!) There is one really good video he made about the difference between belief and trust. You should all really watch this


Removing Blockages to Manifestation

Removing blockages is the most important component to receiving what you desire from the Universe and achieving your goals & dreams. But this is a complex topic of its own and I do plan to write more on this later. Ofcourse crystals do really help with this as they reflect to you what your blockages are and re-align you energetically, but you do need to do some intense, deliberate inner work to really yank these blockages out for good. For now, a good book you can read on this topic is “Meant for More” by Mia Hewett and it is only like $10 NZD on Kindle/Amazon. Quazi Johir's Youtube videos are also incredibly helpful. 

Basically, you need to think way back to your childhood (usually between the ages of 2-7 but in my case, before the age of 10), and figure out what particular events in your childhood have built your self-limiting beliefs. You need to really think back to all your memories until something just “sticks” and you feel like you’ve had an epiphany.

This doesn’t have to be a dramatic event, for example, when I was around 5 years old, I really wanted this cool mechanical pencil case, so I was told if I did my work (chores, listen to my parents, etcetera) I will get it for my birthday. So I did the hard yards (as much as a 5 year old could) and was super duper excited to get my pencil case, but uh oh, it was just a plain pencil case, though still a nice one, not the one I wanted - because my parents thought the one I wanted was too expensive for a 5 year old child. I was so so so disappointed but I couldn’t even express it because that would make me seem ungrateful and also all my relatives kept telling me how wonderful it was that a small child wanted something so modest for her birthday. I didn’t particularly think much of this event but I realised this really shaped how I viewed the world I lived in - that even if I try really hard, "I don’t get what I want", "I don’t deserve what I really want", "I’m only deserving of something subpar", and also that "it is better to want something modest, not flashy", "better to settle for less". This has had a huge impact on my life. No matter how hard I worked, I just couldn’t get a good break, even though I am smart, worked incredibly hard, and did all the right things, I never got the job I wanted or the promotion/ pay rise I worked for. Also I was too scared to work towards big goals, so I always settled for lower goals.

Once you figure out your major blocks, what do you do? You need to re-programme your mind and crystals are a wonderful tool to use during this process. You need to keep telling yourself that you are not that child anymore, and that if you had a different upbringing you wouldn’t have these limiting beliefs so these beliefs can’t possibly be YOU. So for example, in my particular case I need to tell myself that I am more than smart enough to find solutions to challenges, that I am perfectly capable of figuring things out, and that it isn’t embarrassing to make mistakes. I need to tell myself that had I gotten the pencil case that I had actually wanted when I was 5 (I know this sounds really trivial and silly), I would have had a completely different view on life - I would have the confidence that if I worked hard for my goals, I will be remunerated with what I wanted and achieve big things that I rightfully worked hard for!

Removing such major blocks that were built by your upbringing and social environment will help you manifest your dreams so much faster; it just requires a lot of inner work. Use crystals as tools to help bring up these blocks - when they do surface, you may feel emotional, depressed or even angry, but you need to realise that the crystal is only reflecting back to you what needs to be re-aligned. It is then your job to dig deeper and figure out what events in your life lead to these blockages then re-programme your belief system - crystals can help you out here as well by energetically re-aligning your frequency. The hardest part is the digging deep enough to find the root event from your childhood, keep digging until something REALLY sticks and you go '“Holy mother of God, was THAT it?!”


Concluding Remarks

Remember that crystals are only tools, YOU are the Master Crystal; crystals do not have any power that yourself do not possess.

Have fun and experiment!

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