Collection: Crystals for Protection

Crystals for protection to stabilise, strengthen, and ground your energies. They possess an assertive, “don’t mess with me” vibe. Forming a shield, these crystals block negative people and circumstances from influencing you. 

Attune to these crystals in meditation to gain their benefits. Read the full product description for energetic properties beyond the title.

Crystals for Protection

How do protection crystals work?

These crystals strengthen your lower chakras and add more power & oomph into these areas. Lower chakras are where your personal power arise. They ground you to the Earth and by doing so strengthen your energetic bodies. When your energies are stable and powerful, you impede negativity from approaching your field. Remember we are physical beings in a physical universe, we need to be grounded to gain Mother Earth’s energy and to feel safe in her embrace.

Trust your intuition and choose the crystal that you resonate with the most.