Selenite: Can It Truly Charge Crystals?

Selenite, is all the rage among crystal enthusiasts, and for a good reason – it's said to have the magical ability to charge other crystals. But, as with all things mystical, it's only natural to wonder if this claim holds water. I found myself pondering this very question, and rather than relying solely on hearsay, I decided to put it to the test. So, with a Lavender Rose Quartz Sphere from Madagascar in tow, I embarked on a crystal-charging adventure.


Let me set the stage for you. This particular lavender rose quartz sphere had been sitting in my drawer for what felt like eons. From memory, its energy was so subtle that I could hardly perceive it when I had first bought it. Two years had passed, and I couldn't even remember if I had ever attempted to charge it before. It was finally the time to give it a second chance.


First things first, I employed my trusty rituals: a smudging with Palo Santo incense and a purification session with a Tibetan tingsha. To align my own energies, I embarked on a brief five-minute meditation using a Tibetan tektite, which I affectionately dubbed the "zero point stone" (don't worry, I'll delve into this in a bit another time). With my lavender rose quartz sphere in hand, I started meditating.


True to my expectations, the energies remained elusive, I only felt the faintest of tingles that barely grazed my senses. I made a mental note of the time, a personal preference for feeling crystal energies in the evening, which read 6:30 PM. Then came the pivotal moment – I gingerly placed the sphere directly on a window selenite plate (a tricky task, mind you, as a sphere rolls around) and settled in for a 24-hour wait.


Before entrusting the window selenite with its mission, I took a moment to purify the selenite plate and engage in a quick meditation, entreating it to impart its energy into the lavender rose quartz sphere. It was during this interaction that the potency of selenite's powerful energies came to light and I understood why people use it to charge crystals.


Now, fast forward 24 hours, back to 6:30 PM...


I carried out my usual routine, first cleansing the crystal sphere's energy with a Tibetan tingsha and then recalibrating my own energy using the Tibetan tektite. With the charged sphere in hand, I began my meditation anew. This time, I sensed a remarkable difference.


It was at this moment that the true power of selenite became evident. While the energy of the lavender rose quartz sphere hadn't undergone a dramatic shift – it was, after all, inherently gentle – it had become more palpable. Previously elusive tingles were now replaced by a sense of expansion and a release of energy from each chakra, from the lower to the upper, while simultaneously stimulating the third eye. The feeling of energy unfurling from each chakra was very satisfying (for lack of better terms).


Before this experiment, I had never felt the need to charge my crystals, as the combined use of my tingsha and my own energy sufficed. However, for those crystals in need of a little boost, selenite's charging prowess seems like a practical choice. Of course, it begs the question – does selenite need recharging too? It's possible, and I admit to having placed the selenite plate I used in the sun about six months ago, but that's about it. Some say charging selenite under the moon is more effective, but I've never been one to keep track of lunar phases or leave my crystals outside at night, so that method remains untested.


If you're in tune with crystal energies like I am, I encourage you to give selenite a try and see if it makes a difference for your crystals. Who knows what hidden potential might be unlocked through this intriguing crystal-charging method?


Note: For this experiment I used a window selenite, which is the clear variety. Most “selenites” on the market are the chatoyant white satin spars. These have the same chemical composition but different physical structures. Whether this makes a difference I am unsure as I don’t possess a satin spar plate.

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