Restoring Earth's Crystalline Grid with Crystals

It all began when my dragon guides hinted that crystals containing the crystalline life force of Gaia could play a pivotal role in supporting and restoring the Earth's crystalline grid.

Curious but unsure about the concept, I delved into researching crystalline grids. Despite encountering the term before, its precise meaning eluded me, and it appeared others were equally uncertain. My primary source of information became Jaap van Etten, whose teachings, combined with my own experiences meditating with crystals, shaped my understanding of the crystalline grid's significance. It seemed that the restoration of these crystalline grids were pertinent in elevating and stabilizing our Earth to higher frequencies, to benefit all living beings that reside in her. 

Our Earth is inherently crystalline, and the crystalline grid comprises specific frequencies vital for our physical existence. I believe it is through these frequencies forming grids, allow the love of Gaia to flow seamlessly, completing and balancing our Earth. According to Jaap, there are 12 frequencies in total, with the first 5 forming the foundational and most crucial elements.

Unfortunately, these crystalline grids have weakened in urban areas due to electromagnetic fields from electrical wiring and equipment, along with negative emotions like fear and anxiety. The first 5 grids are essential for supporting our lower 3 chakras - the root, sacral, and solar plexus, which help us stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth so that we can be emotionally and mentally stable, confident, passionate, and safe. These crystalline grids are not only pertinent to us, human beings, but for the well-being of all other life forms on this planet. 

Restoring these grids, especially in cities and suburban areas, is imperative for optimal functioning for all living beings. Jaap suggests that connecting with crystals through meditation can restore these grid lines, as forming a connection with crystals allows access to Gaia's energies. My dragon guides introduced me to the idea that by activating crystals with Gaia's love, termed the crystalline life-force by Jaap, enables them to interconnect with each other and restore the grid system. I do not know how they do this however. Interestingly both Jaap and my dragon guides state that consistent human interaction through meditation is necessary to maintain and strengthen this connection. Perhaps it is our focus, which is our energy, that gives strength to the grid system. 

Crucially, Jaap asserts that attuning ourselves to crystal energies through meditation heals and aligns our energy points, the chakras. This positive transformation allows us to act as channels for higher energies from the crystalline field. When our chakras are aligned and clean, our own bodies will be able to direct this energy down from the crown to our lower chakras, allowing us to ground it down to Earth's crystalline grid, contributing to its restoration. Unfortunately, I don't quite understand what Jaap means by the crystalline field other than it holds all the energetic potential of what a crystalline grid could be on Earth. 

Recognizing this, I take the time to infuse all crystals from our store with Gaia's love, the crystalline life-force, through deep meditative prayer with my dragon guides. I believe anyone can do this with their crystals, requiring only practice and determination.

With this I end this blog by encouraging you to use your crystals in meditation to access and strengthen the loving frequency of Gaia, supporting us all.

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