What are Lemurian Quartz? In Search of a True Lemurian Crystal

There is a huge tangle of information online on what Lemurian crystals are. The name Lemurian Quartz isn’t scientifically recognised, so there isn’t really any trustworthy evidence to go by for identification. The term was apparently coined by a lady named Katrina Raphaelle, an author on crystal healing. I have yet to read her books.

What do Lemurian Quartz Look like?

According to an excerpt of her writing and recordings on Lemurian Seed Crystals (over time the name shortened to Lemurian Crystals), these quartz seem to be striated Tessin quartz. Tessin quartz are a rare type of quartz with a tapered end where all six sides of the crystal meet at the top. These have a very small face at the tip and can be striated but not always. The striations you see on Lemurian quartz are formed when the crystal keeps alternating from forming the body (prism face) and the point (rhombohedral face).

However, there are many Lemurian crystals on the market that do not display any distinct ladder like etchings. It seems that any quartz with an even the slightest of tapered ends (not Tessin) or laser wands are also marketed as Lemurians. The original writing by Katrina specifies the ladder like etchings.

Another misconception that is floating around is that Lemurian Seed Crystals have alternating frosted and clear sides, or that they have alternating striated and non-striated sides. I do not know where this information came from, perhaps this could be in one of Katrina’s books. The original writing only states the crystals seem to have a dull matt (frosted) finish, and that they have deep striations.

Where Should Lemurian Quartz Come From?

Some also say that Lemurian quartz only come from a very specific location in Brazil. This is not what is written in the original writing as it says the original bunch were found on top of a hill in Brazil, but never said this is the sole location. According to her, these Lemurian crystals are dispersed all over the world.  

What Makes Lemurian Quartz Special?

I found Katrina’s explanation on what Lemurian quartz do a bit vague and contradicting. Katrina originally stated that Lemurians didn’t specifically hold knowledge but hold the frequency of love, unity, and oneness, and transmit it to other crystals. Later she seemed to state that Lemurian Seed Crystals hold knowledge, and this is released at a specific frequency to other crystals. It got a bit confusing. Reading other blogs by people who probably read her books, it seems that Lemurian crystals hold the frequency of Lemurian Consciousness, rather than specific pieces of knowledge.

What Do Lemurian Quartz Energies Feel Like?

I have one crystal in my collection (see photos above) that fits perfectly to the description of Lemurian Seed Crystals that Katrina gives. It is a Tessin quartz with deep striations (on 3 sides) with a frosted look from Brazil. I assessed the energy of this crystal, after purification and infusion of Gaian energies that I perform with all my crystals. I would like to note that I assessed its energy prior to reading all this information on Lemurians crystals by Katrina.

Interestingly its energies were very different from what Katrina described, I didn’t feel a huge wave of love, unity, or bliss. Instead, it was very calming – a very neutral but positive vibration. It seemed to possess very similar energies to other striated clear quartz I have in my shop. Basically, the crystal imprints the knowledge (or consciousness or frequency) of Lemuria in your heart chakra.

Initially upon holding this crystal I saw a bright white star in the shape of a 6-sided asterisk which then appeared in my heart chakra. The energy from the heart chakra flowed up to the 3rd eye and then vice versa, connecting the 2 energy points together. Then I saw an image of a book superimposed to the white star in my heart chakra. I asked, how do I read this book? Nothing was really shown but instead the back of my head became very stimulated, and my chin lifted. It then felt like my head was a satellite retrieving information. This energy then flowed down from my head to my heart chakra and filled it up to the brim with saturated green colour. Thus I assume the knowledge of Lemuria gets encoded in our heart chakra.

After this experience I pondered, is this a true Lemurian crystal? I didn’t feel a powerful surge of unity and oneness which I can feel in other crystals. However, it did share a feeling of positive neutrality, truth, and sense of knowingness, which is what consciousness is. I found it very interesting how it focused on the heart chakra and I believe we are meant to access or release the Lemurian frequencies somehow through this area.

Concluding Remarks

So how should you decide whether you have a Lemurian Seed Crystal (or Lemurian Quartz)? You could purely go by physical aesthetics – it should have striations you can feel with your fingers, it should be a type of Tessin quartz, and it should have a frosted appearance. Locality shouldn’t really matter as these quartz are meant to be planted all over the planet.

Or you could decide by energy. I personally feel there are better crystals out there that teach frequencies of divine love and unity than what is supposedly a Lemurian. The Lemurian Quartz I assessed, along with other striated quartz in my shop (which I also market as Lemurian), possess the energy of positive neutrality, which is a better reflection of what consciousness is. These resonate strongly with the heart chakra, receiving truth and guidance from your heart without the interference of your logical mind. They teach you claircognition, intuition, and to access and trust the knowledge that comes through your heart chakra.

At the end of the day, you make the final decision. The crystal that resonates with you the most is the correct one you need. Learn to trust your gut and intuition.




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