How I Accessed My Dragon Guides with Crystals

I understand that many of you might find it a bit unconventional for our crystal shop to talk about dragon guides, crystalline life force, and crystalline beings. However, I'm sure there are also those of you who are curious about why I believe I can sense these energies.

To be completely honest, I had no prior knowledge of the existence of dragon guides. It's only recently that I've come to accept the presence of my higher self and the possibility of angelic beings. Thus when I discovered that dragons were also part of this, it took me some time to process what I was feeling.

In all candor, I have no clear understanding of how I accessed these dragon guides. I can possibly trace it back to a random YouTube video featuring a transmission of light codes to activate one's personal dragon. At that time, I wasn't familiar with light codes, but the experience intrigued me, especially because I could physically feel the transmission.

A little about me, I am not particularly clairvoyant or clairaudient, however I consider myself rather clairsentient, sensing energies with my body quite strongly. I don't view myself as psychic either, as I believe these abilities are within everyone's reach.

About a month later, my curiosity about dragons intensified. Despite the lack of trustworthy online information, I somehow felt drawn to explore more. I am still unsure why, but during a meditation session with a crystal, I spontaneously called out "My dragon spirit!" To my greatest surprise, the dragon energies arrived and it was unexpectedly so easy to connect with them. I reiterate, it is literally that simple - all I have to do is call out for them a few times and I feel them. 

Dragon energies differ from angelic guides or the higher self. Apparently there are various types of dragon energies, but mine are grounding, residing in my lower chakras. They feel strong, earthy, and sometimes induce a peculiar sensation in my head.

Calling in your higher self or angelic guides after connecting with dragons can cause a sudden energetic shift, so I approach it slowly.

Connecting with my dragon guides has taught me how to attune to the frequencies of Gaia. While I'm uncertain of their method, once I connect with my dragons and crystals, it feels almost natural to be connected to Mother Gaia's love. Perhaps because I was already aware of what her energies are like through working with crystals such as Uvarovites and Gaia Stones, that I found it easy to connect with her. It's in this state that I infuse my crystals with the crystalline life force of Gaia.

You may also wonder how I "hear" my dragon guides. I don't actually "hear" them, and unfortunately there are no booming dragon voices in my head (that would make it so much easier). However I receive their message through my own thoughts. This took me a long time to ascertain if the thoughts were just my imagination or not, but I learnt that these thoughts don't sound like the usual thoughts I had been thinking the past 37 years of my life. Also these thoughts come with a very strong sense of knowing, especially in my lower chakras, and they usually feel almost like a revelation or an epiphany. I am still learning to hear my dragon guides. 

My dragon guides led me to a book by Jaap van Etten. I found the book a bit lengthy and boring (even though it was about dragons) but I came across a fascinating chapter about crystalline beings. I discovered that most crystals on the market lack what he terms the crystalline life force. This deficiency results from improper mining practices—no permission from Gaia and a lack of love and gratitude during the mining process.

According to Jaap, the crystalline life force is essential for the sustenance of crystalline beings within a crystal. These beings, resembling little fairies in my experience, can reside in the crystal when the crystalline life force is reintroduced. With continued meditation, Jaap suggests that these beings can multiply, and with enough energy from focused meditation, they can transform into dragons!

While I may not fully believe in all of this, I've come to realize, through my crystal meditations, that dragons and the crystalline grid are somehow interconnected. Hence, perhaps Jaap is onto something.

For these reasons, I infuse all our crystals at our shop with deep meditative prayer, with the assistance of my dragon guides, to reintroduce the crystalline life force, the love of Gaia, back into the crystals.

I firmly believe that anyone can do this with their crystals; it just takes practice. Through meditation with crystals, my hope is that all of us can access our own dragon guides and experience the profound gratitude that Gaia's love brings to our hearts.


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